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Watching Fight Club… Again!

December 3, 2007

I’m in the Charlotte airport waiting on my flight back to London. I’m sitting in the US Airways lounge, watching Fight Club for I guess the fifth or sixth time. I’m amazed to still be noticing new things.

For one thing, I picked up a pair of the Bose in-ear headphones to feed my iPod addiction. Maybe it’s that this is the first flick I’ve watched with these, but the sound design in Fight Club is just amazing. I am noticing all kinds of interesting ambient sound, atmospheric clues to what’s coming. It’s amazing that in a movie this “over the top” there is such attention to the tiny little details.

Does anyone think that the fact that “Jack’s” power animal is a penguin is some sort of Linux reference? 🙂 And what does it signify that the penguin says “Slide”?

Marla’s walking through traffic with stolen jeans, I’m ducking in my chair worried I’m going to get run over.

Ever notice how in the scene where Jack imagines the mid-air collision, the stewardess gets struck in the head and leaves a splatter of brains and blood across the blank whiteboard conveniently placed at the front of the aisle? It’s only there for a second, maybe less, but what an incredible addition to the scene!

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