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The Dabbler was one of the nicknames used by a long-standing D&D character I played back in the day. He wasn’t actually multi-classed… lets just say he had a lot of trouble “staying in his box.” Like an ex-colleague of mine once said: “Once or twice a year, I mount an expedition to go looking for my box to see if I want to get back in it.”

I’m an IT software guy, have spent all of my career working in large corporates (mostly banks, with a trace contamination of telco in there somewhere). My roles have bounced back and forth across the line between architecture and development, and between doer and leader, evangelist and catalyst. And like the original Dabbler, I have a lot of trouble staying in my box. Maybe its just short attention span. <shrug>

Anyway, this is a place to write about stuff I love — mostly the practices that create breakthrough performance in small development teams. In the same way that most job growth comes from small businesses, most IT value creation comes from these small, tightly-knit teams working on systems they are passionate about.

But I expect other topics will creep in, too — I’m a voracious reader, a total movie addict, interested in lots of different kinds of music, a big fan of the game Go, etc, etc.

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